What Is ADAS And How Does It Work?


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant Systems) are systems developed to simplify the driving process through various assistant tools. The features ADAS incorporates are designed to improve driver safety and are commonly incorporated in the driving experience through voice guidance and visual feedback. ADAS technology can detect some objects, do basic classification, alert the driver of hazardous road conditions, and in some cases, slow or stop the vehicle. This level of ADAS is great for things like blind spot monitoring, lane change assistance, and forward collision warnings.

Dash cams that only capture footage are now a thing of the past with most premium dash cams now incorporating ADAS functionality built-in. The ADAS incorporation in dash cam’s takes driver safety to the next level with it’s safety features, some of these may include;

  • Lane departure warnings – Alerts driver when vehicle strays out of lane
  • Forward collision warnings – Alert drivers when approaching too closely to the vehicle ahead to avoid collision
  • Front Car Movement Detection – Alerts when the vehicle in front of you moves forward
  • Speed camera alerts – Alerts when vehicle approaches red light cameras, speed cameras, average speed zones & mobile speed zones
  • Headlight Warning – Detects low light conditions and issues a headlight alert
  • Speed Limit Alert – Alerts when your vehicle exceeds a pre-set speed limit

Dash cams now not only act as a reliable eyewitness in the case of an incident, they are your best protection against insurance frauds and road accidents. Take your driving safety to the next level with a dash cam that incorporates ADAS functionality.


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