Uniden’s New iGO Cam 755 Dashcam is designed to help stop accidents


The latest uniden iGO Cam 755 won’t just record your accidents, it aims to stop them from happening in the first place using built in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

The built-in ADAS functionality provides speed camera warnings to alert you of upcoming speed cameras and red light cameras.

Lane assist gives you both both visual and audible assistance when your car is drifting outside of your lane. This functionality is most commonly seen in Thinkware dashcams.

The core function of lane assist is not just to alert you to the fact you are about to run off the road or into another vehicle, but prompt you to take a break. Studies have proved to show fatigued drivers have similar response times to drunk drivers, Uniden will help to assist in detecting fatigue, which will help prevent accidents.

Other features in the Uniden dashcam includes 2304 x 1296 Full HD+ resolution, 170 degree viewing angle, 2.7″ LCD colour display & Night vision recording.


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