Thinkware F800 Air Dash Cam Review


The team at Thinkware announced the F800 Air at the CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. As expected, Thinkware has integrated the latest and greatest in dash cam technology to bring you a safer and more enjoyable experience. In addition, the F800 Air has been carefully thought out, being designed with an attractive modern look. Here’s a rundown on what we like and don’t like about the F800 Air:

Recording Quality

Thinkware has incorporated a 1080p Sony STARVIS image processor in the F800 Air. Not only does the Sony STARVIS perform great in daytime recording, it exceeds exceptions for night time recording. This will create a noticeable difference from it’s F770 predecessor. The Sony STARVIS image sensor is already widely used in many premium in dash cam’s in the market, such as IROAD and Blackvue.

It is however a little disappointing Thinkware has not progressed to a higher recording resolution than 1080p. Many brands releasing new models in coming months are expected to be incorporating 2K and even 4K video recording. After all, video quality is still the most important feature in any dash cam to ensure you capture the necessary evidence after an accident.


Thinkware has yet again outdone itself creating a stylish, modern dash cam to match any new vehicle. The attractive and modern design includes a slim frame design, aluminium materials for the round camera module, and an overall ‘U’ shaped body that integrates the entire design. The only negative is the color scheme used has steered away from the darker, discrete design seen in it’s predecessor. With the incorporation of silver aluminium, the F800 will be clearly noticeable from outside the vehicle.

New Features

As expected, Thinkware’s continual innovation has allowed them to integrate many new features to simplify current functionality, and more importantly provide you a safer driving experience. Some of these features include;

  • Emergency Alert: The F800 Air is able to text and call emergency contacts in the event of a crash or accident
  • Parking Incident Notifications: The dash cam constantly monitors the vehicle while parked and notifies the owner via text if there’s any untoward movement such as a door being dinged.
  • Geofencing / Location Based Service: Send notifications to your phone should the camera go outside of a preset GPS zone
  • Driving Report Service: Analyse driving patterns to check on speed and braking /acceleration patterns. Great for insurers or checking how fast your kids drive!
  • Thinkware Cloud: A complete online account and backup service to automatically save or download recorded footage


The F800 Air is no doubt going to be one of the best dash cam’s on the market in 2017, integrating great new features to provide you a safer driving experience. The Sony STARVIS image sensor will allow the camera to perform much better in night time recording and features such as Thinkware Cloud will be useful in allowing you to backup any important information in real time. The lack of improvement in camera resolution is definitely a negative with most competitors aiming at releasing 2K and even 4K recording this year.

Thinkware F800
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