Thinkware F770 Review


Global IT corporation Thinkware has launched its latest flagship F770 model at its singapore dealer conference 2016. The F770 is the latest update from it’s predecessor F750 model featuring new innovative features along with a full re-design of the camera’s body. Within its compact design, the F770 is equipped with Thinkwares latest innovative technology including ‘Super Night Vision’ and ‘Time Lapse’.


One of the key factors steering people away from the previous F750 model was it’s non-discrete design and colour. The F770 incorporates some serious changes with a full rebuild of the camera’s body and taking on a darker colour scheme for a more discrete look. On top of that the design is also much more compact and sleek which builds on the discrete look and makes it more visually appealing.



The F770 features a 1080p Full HD front facing camera and an optional 1080p Full HD rear facing camera. With 2-channel dashcam packages becoming increasingly popular over 1-channel systems, this is one downfall where Thinkware lacks having the rear camera (and hardwire kit) optional components.

The new ‘Super Night Vision’ functionality delivers up to 10 times higher brightness than existing products, allowing it to capture more important footage in low light environments. This new feature takes night recording to a whole new level capturing footage that most dash cams on the market can’t. At a later date we will compare the Thinkware F770’s night vision recording with IROAD’s A9 which features the new Sony Starvis Sensor to see which camera offers the best night vision recording.

Time Lapse

The F770 is equipped with a new ‘Time Lapse Photography’ feature which records continuously in parking mode and can record up to 15 times longer than existing continuous recording products, this is achieved by lowering the recording frame rate. This feature is great for anyone leaving their car parked for long periods of time that require continuous recording.


The F770 has made an impressive appearance in 2016 featuring new and improved features taking dash cam technology to a whole new level, again. The camera operates very similar to the F750 with some bonus features and improved functionality. Super Night Vision functionality delivers exceptional recording in low light environments making night recording much superior to other dash cams in the market. The Time Lapse feature adds extra safety when the car is parked offering up to 15 times longer recording than existing products. The main downfall is that the package does not come supplied with the rear camera and hardwire kit, they need to be purchased separately at an extra cost.


  1. Camera is exactly the same as the F750, there is no hardware difference at all other than the new look.
    The night vision is only for use in time-lapse mode, it does not improve night driving. When in time laps mode parking mode events are recorded in time-lapse as well rather than full 30fps recording, they are not recorded in full, this is a fairly large fail because time-lapse combined with night vision means blurred images if they are moving reasonably quick(night vision increases the effective shutter speed to increase brightness which is fine unless its moving and dark

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