Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 2017 Edition Review


Street Guardian is an Australian based company providing a variety of premium vehicle safety and security products at hard to match prices. Street Guardian has seen the bulk of it’s success through their dash camera range, specifically their SG9665GC single channel dash cam. This year, the new SG9665GC v3 model arrived with some notable differences to separate it from it’s predecessor.


The SG9665GC V3 is a Full HD 1080p camera recording at 30 frames per second. Street Guardian has incorporated the new Sony Exmor IMX322 CMOS sensor to provide improved quality in both day and night time recording then it’s predecessor.

Videos recorded by a dash cam in a low light environment such as dark lane way or underground parking lot can pose difficulties when you try to accurately identify information from the image. Street Guardian has attempted to alleviate this issue by implementing IMX322 designed to perform best in low light environments.

Build & Design

The SG9665GC has a discrete, compact design that mounts flush to your vehicle windscreen. The compact design and dark color scheme used allows the camera to be discretely installed making it almost unnoticeable from outside the vehicle. The SG9665GC is manufactured in China which is portrayed through the menu layout, button click, and the click of the lens adjustment which are common design features used by Chinese manufactures.


Street Guardian is renowned for producing dash cams with simplicity in mind that do exactly what they need to do, record footage. There aren’t any smart features incorporated in any Street Guardian dash cams such as Wi-Fi and ADAS that are seen in many other more premium dash cam’s in the market. This takes the shine away from this product and takes what potentially could have been considered a premium product, to just a basic dash cam.


Street Guardian produces great dash cams, year in, year out. The SG9665GC v3 is a great new product to add to the lineup incorporating the new IMX322 CMOS sensor for great day and night recording. This product is a great dash cam for anyone who wants a simple, easy to use product that can capture continuous footage and be readily available to provide the necessary evidence after an incident. For anyone looking to get more bang for buck, or simply wants a dash cam with a little more tech inside such as Wi-Fi, ADAS or even Cloud technology then it’s best to shop around a little more.

Street Guardian SG9665GC v3
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