New Nexar AI Dash Cam App Will Track And Warn About Bad Drivers


Nexar AI is a free, smart dash cam app connected to the cloud offering world first driver safety features on the road. Nexar records and saves all dangerous events while you drive – whether someone cuts you off, or you get into an accident, Nexar has you covered. Not only that, the Nexar app incorporates a “Real-Time Warning” feature that will notify you of potential cars to avoid.

The “Real-Time Warnings” functionality gathers information from it’s captured footage and stores it on the cloud. This information is used to warn you of dangerous nearby cars, and dangerous situations where you should become more alert and careful.

While the real-time warnings feature isn’t supposed to go live until next year, in the past four months Nexar have been running a private beta program with a group of drivers in San Francisco, tracking over 100K per week, and capturing thousands of road incidents (including e.g. over 800 red light runnings).

Although some features are not released yet, the Smartphone app is now available for download on the Apple AppStore.


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