Greenlight Wants To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Dash Cam


Jason Green, the founder of a new seattle tech company has announced a $49 kit called ‘Greenlight’ that transforms your Smartphone device into a fully functioning dash cam that takes advantage of your phone’s camera to capture footage when driving.’ Greenlight wants to make dash cam’s more accessible, and what better to do that than by using your Smartphone device.

Greenlight’s system requires one piece of hardware (a phone cradle) and one app. The SmartCradle mounts directly on your dashboard. Once the Greenlight cradle detects the Smartphone is connected,  the application (Dashwire) will open automatically and begin recording. The idea is to make activating the dash cam as routine as releasing the emergency brake.

The company is pitching the product as a tool for safer driving. At the moment Greenlight is limited on functionality and is basically only able to record incidents, although there are plans for Greenlight to eventually provide users with information about their driving habits.

It’s definitely not the perfect dash cam replacement, but it serves a great purpose. At $49, it’s a good start to integrating your car with a dash cam without having to spend much money.



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