Blackvue DR650GW-2CH vs Thinkware F750


The Blackvue DR650GW-2CH and the Thinkware F750 are probably the most internationally recognized dash cam’s on the market featuring hard to match specifications. Both brands are at the forefront of technology innovation bringing new and exciting features to the market year on year. They are very similar in ways but also very different, here’s how the two compare.



It’s important a dash cam is able to record pristine quality video that captures the crucial details of any incidents you may encounter. Most premium dash cam’s now record Full HD front and rear footage as standard.

The Blackvue DR650GW-2CH features a Full HD front facing camera, but lacks with only a HD 720p rear camera. The F750 features a Full HD front facing camera and a Full HD rear facing camera, keeping in mind the Thinkware rear camera is not included in the box and must be purchased separately.

Viewing Angle


The DR650GW-2CH incorporates a 129˚ front and rear viewing angle for maximum visibility. The Thinkware has a slightly wider viewing angle at 140˚ on both front and rear camera’s, allowing it to capture a wider view of the roads.



Both the DR650GW-2CH and F750 have Wi-Fi functionality built-in allowing you to easily control, manage and configure settings of your dash cam wirelessly with your smartphone. Both products have a dedicated Smartphone application available for Android and Apple IOS to use these functions.

The DR650GW-2CH and F750 support live playback through the Smartphone and the ability to export footage wirelessly to your device.



The DR650GW-2CH and F750 have built in GPS functionality which records speed, time and location data to the recorded footage. This information is crucial when providing the evidence you need after an incident.

Blackvue takes GPS one step further with the integration of ‘Blackvue Over The Cloud’ which we will look at further in the review.

Parking Mode

dr650gw2ch_vs-f750Both camera’s support parking mode functionality allowing the dash cam to stay running when the ignition is off. Parking mode in both products operate very similar with the use of motion and impact detection used to protect your car from hit-and-run incidents. They also have a battery discharge prevention system built in that ensures the camera will never run the battery flat. Once the camera detects the voltage reaches a certain point, it will switch off to prevent it from running flat.

Note – You will need to purchase the Power Magic Pro for the DR650GW-2CH and the Hardware Kit for the F750 to use the parking mode functionality.



Both products have dedicated Windows and MAC applications for desktop computers and laptops. The application supports the ability to adjust settings, view recorded footage, export footage and more.

Blackvue Over The Cloud: Blackvue has recently released software offering its latest service ‘Over The Cloud’ which uses your mobile internet connection to connect you to your car through the cloud. Some of the features include;

  • Live view: Remotely monitor your car in real time.
  • Two-way Voice Communication: Talk with people in the car from your smartphone.
  • GPS Tracking: Visualize on a map your car’s location and speed.
  • Video Backup: Move files from your dashcam to the Cloud

ADAS: Thinkware’s ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant Systems) feature offers real time driver assistant tools to improve driver safety on the road. The ADAS incorporation in the F750 takes driver safety to the next level with it’s safety features, some of its features include;

  • Lane departure warnings – Alerts driver when vehicle strays out of lane
  • Forward collision warnings – Alert drivers when approaching too closely to the vehicle ahead to avoid collision
  • Front Car Movement Detection – Alerts when the vehicle in front of you moves forward
  • Speed camera alerts – Alerts when vehicle approaches red light cameras, speed cameras, average speed zones & mobile speed zone


Both dash cam’s are at the forefront of innovation providing countless features that take driver safety to a whole new level. The DR650GW-2CH offers great hardware, but it just doesn’t quite match the specs of the F750. The F750 offer’s a wide viewing angle along with Full HD front and rear recording which is vital in capturing the necessary information in the case of an incident.

Both cameras offer their own unique software which makes them hard to compare in terms of software. If you are looking to improve your safety on the road, then the F750 is the dash cam for you. If you have more than one person driving your vehicle, the DR650GW-2CH is right for you.

If we eliminate Blackvue’s cloud software and Thinkware’s ADAS software, the F750 wins as the overall best performing dash cam.



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